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Well, it was a while ago, and related to some specific areas and goals in my life. I made a bunch of changes, and started seeing a good therapist, and eventually, I lost that particular feeling. Or rather, I climbed and clawed out of the abyss.

Of course, there have been many other times when life feels just so effing hard.....but I try to remind myself that I made it out of that mess, and it was BIG.

(Of course, I still get depressed and upset regardless, but that period in my life was one of the darkest. I hadn't finished school; I hated where I lived; I was just starting to work with/for lawyers; I felt --- and was --- pretty much alone. I had my first dog ((as an adult), and a pet turtle, and the three of us would huddle in bed, in a bedroom so cold you could see your breath on frigid nights.)

Hard times.

HTH, cl.
Lol! Not to make light, but that sounds like me today, except it's my cat instead of a dog and turtle, and I HAVE finished school.

Curlylaura, you hang in there. We are going to be here turning 30 together, remember?

We need to have a NC.com party when the time comes

<--- This guy does not look like he's going to be doing homework, he looks like he's desperate to go into an outhouse
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