I didn't see the documentary, but I read the trailer. I'm not surprised. I think there is a tremendous promotion behind statin drugs, as there is a tremendous promotion behind osteoporosis, ostopenia drugs and estrogen compounds for pms, pmdd, and menopause. Buyer beware! There's a lot of conflicting data out there which the public generally doesn't see.

Don't rush in and take medicine - be cautious. I was treated with radiation for adenoids which was cutting edge and accepted when I was a kid, and I developed brain tumors almost 60 years later that are very rare and only show up if you've had that kind of radiation.

Sorry for guano - but I have a healthy mistrust of meds at this point. For weight loss, just try the old trick of eating less (but enjoy what you eat) and exersizing more. Hard to do but not harmful and pretty successful usually. Also, maybe increase calcium intake. That has been shown to help lose weight. Good luck!
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