Welcome to curliness. I can identify with you on the finding out recently that one has curly hair. I hope that the cancer is gone for good.

I would suggest going without products with sulfates and silicons. I decided to do this after frying my hair with Herbal Essence shampoo and a conditioner from Suave that had silicons in it. This severely limits your choices, but I think in the end (often at least) it helps the hair to look better. For me, it has been fun. I decided to embrace it (as a guy this is not always a popular choice to hold on to, but women like it so here the curls stay). Have fun playing around with directing the curls. I found that they easiest thing to do was to just try to direct or gently tease the curling hair in a direction. Going with the flow on this curly hair is probably the best option. Have fun!