You know I think I'm finally comfortable with being able to call myself a feminist. It was a journey though, mainly because my freshman year of college I had this "feminist" roommate that use to hate on me all the time for participate in 'woman degrading' activities, I'm a ballet/ballroom dancer, that likes to bake, and wear dresses/skirts and heels ect. Also we lived in an all girls dorm, while she was randomly assigned there, she would get at me because I chose to live there (a choice I made because it was nicer than all the co-ed underclass dorms that smelled like pee and popcorn).

I was a building construction major for heavens sake! To which she said I only majored in so I could find a husband, and she doubted it would graduate from the program. True, less than 1% of the program were women, but I was there because I actually enjoy BC. I was the only girl in a class of 180, and it was difficult at times, but I got through it and was happy.

This really gave me a complex about feminism for the longest time, not that I didn't agree with it, but I didn't want to associate with someone like my roommate who put women down if they didn't fit into what she thinks a woman should be. Now I realize that there is more to feminism than that, and this woman wasn't a feminist as much as she was a sexist hater.

Sorry about the rant. I am now a proud feminist