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S~ Just wanted to add my support, even tho I have always thought that you look fabu.
Of course, for me, I'm too old to care....
thanks girl! i don't think i'll ever be too old to care

today was my first day, pretty easy breezy. i went to the grocery store and picked up orange roughy, tilapia, canned tuna and boneless chicken breast. i also loaded up on veggies and olives and some cheddar cheese. tonight i'm having stuffed portabello mushrooms. for lunch i had a chef salad with turkey and ranch dressing.

tomorrow we're doing mexican food for my brothers birthday. i'm thinking proactively. i'll either do fajitas minus the tortillas or a salad with shrimp or chicken. i know chips are off limits so i'll have to be strong. in the morning i'm having a breakfast business meeting. we're meeting at a place where i can have an omelette....yum!!

I'm w/ you on most of that food shopping!
Mesacan is my weakness!
That & those dang ritas on the rocks w/
Hope your bro's b-day was good.
And love those made to order omlettes in Jamaica mon! Man, those guys know how to cook...can't wait to go back
Keep up the great work, my friend! was the concert?
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