Thanks Melaniesusan!
I have been doing your #1 styling routine, maybe it's just my hair and the dead sea salts? I'm waiting for my JC samples to come in the mail so I'll see how it does with the mag. sulf. in them and I'm waiting to order the CJ samples since they are out of stock. I'm just not totally convinced it works the best for me. My hair seems to like a little bit of glycerin in a product with aloe to counteract the frizz but not too much or I go whimpy & stringy.
Plain old Fote gives me lots of curl but also lots of frizz! I may end up combining several different product lines to find my HG. For some reason the AOMM works pretty good so far and I'll continue to compare that and the SS CEJ until I run out and have to make a decision.

The marie dean products look good I've notice a lot of you using her curl cream , how does it compare? I have also notice the Donna Marie curl jelly too, have you tried that as well?
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Beebop, I initially thought the CEJ didn't work for me either, and was concerned about the sea salts. It turned out the issue was either (1) I was using too little product (now I use 3 full pumps); or (2) I wasn't combining it with the right leave-in underneath. Once I sorted out these two issues, it works great. Initially, though, I stopped using CEJ altogether and just used FHG as a curl cream with a second gel on top for hold. Now, using more CEJ over my leave-in,very little FHG, and no 2nd gel, my hair is much happier.

I avoid glycerin like the plaque if dews are under 35F. I can take it only in very small doses, like in CCCC lite. It always gives me frizz. In high dews, by contrast, glycerin boosts my curl. So I'd say, make sure you're using a leave-in conditioner with no glycerin in it. Also, if you use a heavier product (like a curl cream) underneath the CEJ, then you might not need the FHG on top - it might be too much. Better to use a light buttery product to SOTC to tame flyaways in that case instead.

My favorite MD products are the curly styling cream and the red clover/honey leave-in. I also like the mango pudding plus, but in high dews only. You can get samples from Kathymack if you're interested in trying them out. I haven't tried the DM curl jelly, because it has glycerin and I don't need another summer product. In summer, I rotate CJ CCCC (regular not lite), MD CSC, and MD pudding plus: all under SS CEJ.
hair type: 2B/3A
low poo: Elucence moisture; Elucence clarifying (after swimming)
condish: CJ smoothing; CJ argan; CJ repair me; CJ curl rehab
winter/spring styling: CJ Beauticurls leave-in + Curly Kinks coil jam + Ouidad mongongo oil; or CJ leave-in + SpiralSolutions CEJ & FHG
summer/fall styling: CJ CCCC lite + CIAB + Curl Queen pw = 3ahair