Not on you, on roommate's comment that guys always tell her they like straight hair better. I don't believe her for one second. Of course, different guys have different preferences for different things. But why would some random guy say "Wow, your hair is beautiful. In fact, straight hair is way prettier than curly hair." LOL That just doesn't happen. I picture a different scenario: Your roommate: "do you like my hair?" Guy: "Yes." Roommate: "Do you like it better than curly hair? Guy: "Of course" (said guy wants to get in pants of said roommate.)

Sounds to me like your roommate may be a little jealous of your curly hair. Everyone wants what they don't have, seems like. Ignore her and I'm glad your BF likes your hair natural. My fiance had never dated a girl with curly hair before and when I stopped straightening mine, he was wowed and is now a convert. He can't stop trying to touch it. I slap his hands, of course...haha!
Curltype:Fine, 2C underneath, Mostly 3A, with some 3B thrown in there. Normal porosity.
Shampoo: Elucence, clarify with sulfates 1x per month
Conditioner: Elucence MBC,
Products: Devacurl Angel, LALSG
I can't go totally CG as it weighs my hair down FAST. Hard water.
Bad haircut finally starting to grow out and look normal again!