I agree that various hair lengths and styles flatter each woman's face differently. I've seen women get short hair and look much younger, and I've seen women grow their hair out and look younger. I've also seen just the opposite where women chop it off because they are a certain age and wind up looking like the cliche/sterotypical middle aged woman.

I've noticed that I'm less concerned with length in my early 40s now than I used to be, and instead I am focused on the healthiness and curl of my hair, but I still like it long- just not super long like I used to have. But I must admit that I do have some long hair friends my age and I think their hair drags down their face and shorter hair would flatter them more, but they love their length and they are happy with it- and that's what really matters!

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Fine texture/
Normal porosity/Medium density
Low Poo
(Aveda's damage remedy); Styling: Aveda's: Color Conserve Daily leave in+ Be Curly Style Prep+ Phomollient (mixed w/ Defining Whip)
Finishing: Aveda's Texturizing Creme or Defining Whip; Eufora Pure Polish Drops
Aveda's Madder Root condish+Clove condish