I am pissed. My hubby and I both work for the Federal Government and are considered essential. We will be going to work but not getting paid.

BUT you can bet that Obama and Congress will get their paychecks, but NOT THE TROOPS FIGHTING IN THE WARS!

They need to get out of the way and let the American people figure it out. There are going to be a lot of people put out by these Congressmen and their HUGE egos.

Well, if they want me to be here working, and working for FREE...since we won't be paid until who knows when...then I am going to show up in pajamas!
3a, thin, growing out as far as i can before i go insane and chop it!

Co-Wash: Cure Care
Conditioner: suave coconut usually
Stylers: One 'n Only Brazilian Tech Keratin Leave-In Treatment, followed with a dollop of alcohol cone-free mousse from time to time

[FONT=Century Gothic][COLOR=royalblue]Then Diffuse until about 75% dry, then air dry the rest of the way**