I WNG basically everyday unless I'm sick.
  1. Why does or do some products make the hair clump together like glue? I noticed it happens more with products that have PVP or carbomer in it but recently it happened with FSG: I've never had any issues with my FSG recipe. I think most gels clump but using certain leave-ins with them could cause a glue like effect if one is to heavy handed.
  2. Do you find that a clear leave in works best to avoid the whiteness or does it not matter? Doesn't matter. I think it's an ingredient reaction issue. Since I don't really use leave-ins it's not really an issue for me. My oils seem to work fine with anything.
  3. What leave in conditioner works best with your styler? Creamy leave ins or watery? Any conditioner really since I rinse my conditioner out but I only use either AO, Tresemme Naturals, or Garnier Triple Nutrition. I don't really do "leave-ins" besides a little natural oil. Occassionally, I may leave in a little conditioner and then I apply a natural oil.
  4. If you diffuse, how long do you diffuse, or have you ever sat under a dryer before? I don't "diffuse" per se but I do occassionally use a blowdryer when in a rush and I've used a gel. I do it for about 15 minutes on low heat moving fast all over my hair in a downward direction. I've never sat under a dryer to dry my hair.
  5. Have you ever went straight from conditioning your hair to adding your styler, no leave in? Yes, I don't really use "leave-ins" so that is my normal method if I do use a styler (which to me is just gel), but recently I been enjoying Shea Moisture Hair Milk lately as a leave-in.
  6. Can you name some good styler and leave in en combinations? I noticed that I really like Shea Moisture Hair Milk under FOTEAVG recently. My hair dries very fluffy, soft, with tons of movement and absolutely no crunch. I apply to co-washed hair that's been plopped for 10 mins right out of the shower.