When was the last time you chemically treated them? Has most of that hair grown out/been cut?

I used to relax my hair and my bangs/front of my hair didn't start curling well until all of that treated hair was gone!

Also, would you be willing to cut them shorter and wear them like actual bangs? Sometimes (at least for me) having the length was worse because it pulled the already lack-luster curls down even more. Or you can just stick it out and grow them out completely. That depends on your patience level.

I don't know if this really helps or not! It's really just based on personal experience, and by the looks of it, your curls are much less tight than mine, which might make a difference!

Good luck! I can at least tell you that I feel your pain! (I made a thread about this same issue a few months back... you could look there for what others said too!)
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