@Gretchen: thank you!

@pprMACHEheart: I dry my hair with a diffuser on low heat on a daily basis. However I've only been a CG for a couple of months now and before that I used heat A LOT. My mom said the same thing about the heat affecting my curl pattern.

Since I'm new at this I've been working a bunch of different things into my regimen, but for the past week it's been:

Every 2 Days
DT (Overnight): SheaMoisture DT Masque. {I seal in the moisture with a mix of EVOO, EV Avacado Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil and Water}

Low-poo: SheaMoisture Retention Shampoo

LI: SheaMoisture DT Masque

SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Argan Oil
Spray with my oil mix to seal it in
Loreal EverPure Smooth Frizz Free Serum
SheaMoisture Hold and Shine
Organix BKT Flat Iron Spray (just for heat protection)

I also finger comb so that I don't disturb my curl pattern. Then when mostly dry I finger diffuse it.

As a bit of an update I feel the SheaMoisture DT Masque is too heavy as a Leave-in for my hair. I just picked up AO Honeysuckle Rose Conditioner to use as a co-wash, possibly as a leave-in I'll see how it goes.