Congrats beebop on finding products that work for you
I'm still holding off making a decision bc I need to see what works best in higher dews (they got up high, almost 70, last week for 2 days and are back down in the 40's the last few days). I believe i will go with a combo of CJ and SS like you. I did get the CJDF and the CJ Strengthening Cond and love both of those
Cyndi ~ TX CG since 11/10
3a, medium texture, normal porosity & elasticity, medium density, color-treated, frizz-prone

Currently using:
Co-wash: Suave Naturals Coco; AIA Coconut cowash
Cleansing: CJ DF
RO: CJ Smoothing,GVP CB
LI: CJ Smoothing Lotion, AIA leave in
Stylers: SCE Okra Gel; SCE CC; SCE HHG, SSCEJ, SSFHG, AIA Curl Jelly