So... funny story.

Once my hair completely dried, I was admiring how full and curly it was, except for a stripe on the top of my head. The coconut oil in my PT must have pooled on top of the mixture, because I have an oil slick running from my bangs to the crown of my head, exactly where I poured the PT. Re-showering and washing my hair again is not an option, so I tried baby powder, but it didn't remove the oil (it did make it thicker!). So I just bobby-pinned my bangs back (see the attached pic--you can see that my hair is normally a reddish brown but the oil makes it a dark brown. Sorry for the lack of makeup and urgh, I'm looking old!) and I'll probably wash tomorrow, though I hate to wash 2 days in a row.

Next time, no oil in the PT! Otherwise, my hair looks and feels so soft and bouncy.
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