CIBC - no calls for me either. One e-mail rejection.

Rant: People consider me smart, attractive, congenial, articulate, poised, I have an excellent work record and I score very high on software tests (100% on WORD) but nobody wants me because I'm not young. My voice is back to 80% of normal though - so that's very good. I'm happy about that.
2/c and some 3A. Modified CG.
Protein sensitive
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Conditioners: Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner,
Deep condish: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
Every day is a gift