I don't know how mentally competent she is....I don't know how legal any of the process was. Whoever the individual was that orchestrated all this--his behavior sounds very predatory. Then she had nerve to tell the loggers to "talk to my dad" AFTER the sale?! FOR F*CKKIN WHAT???!? She has no children....I don't know if she has any living family. I guess she did all of this alone?! WTF!!!

And then she has always been the hatefullest, nastiest b***h ever. She's not even in the f*cking family. I just can't believe this is happening....almost 25 acres. My dad and uncle say the check was probably for a mere pittance of what it's actually worth. Nobody knows who the land passes to after she (if she ever) dies. I just can't with any of this.

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