I totally understand. The middle of my head is exactly what you describe. No curls & hard to comb.

I've tried a texturizer, curly perm, and relaxer. Needless to say I didn't like any of them. Being natural isn't easy when you have extremely coarse hair but I think you should wait it out a little bit longer and learn more about how to care of your hair and then make the decision to use chemicals again.

Try new and inexpensive conditioners and gels. Have you considered being "curly girl"? Eco styler and conditioner work for my hair like no other product can.

BTW i've also had a jeri curl and it had to be the most humiliating months of my life. My hair was always wet and greasy... lol I was also allergic to it and my hair just started to fall out in patches. I'm still in my teen years but i've had bad experiences with most chemicals so I think you should just wait a bit.
4a/b Hair!
BC'd - October 2010 with about 2 inches of growth

Eco Styler, Suave Naturals, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Olive Oil, Cholesterol, Glycerin & Honey