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Originally Posted by Poodlehead View Post
Just curious, what do you know about Pawlenty?
Answer my question first.

OK, I'll go ahead and answer. I know enough about Pawlenty to know he isn't the type of candidate I'm likely to support. He struck a chord with me when he pardoned a sex offender who went on to rape his daughter. Pretty despicable. From what my mother has said, who keeps up on everything political, Pawlenty is borderline teaparty, possibly closet teaparty, which is a major turnoff. He hasn't done anything for me yet - let's put it that way. I haven't examined any of the likely Republican candidates closely yet as I'm 90% sure I won't vote for one. And, only 1 has made a declaration that he'll run.

Romney is the only Republican candidate so far to spark my interest. What do you think about him, Poodlehead?
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