I'd leave the top age at 70 but instead of being able to draw benefits at age 62, I set it at 65. Instead of three age points (62, 65, and 70), there would just be two. Not being an actuary, I can't say how much difference that would make but it's a starting point.

I'm not a fan of any of the Republican candidates, but just as Obama is not wholly perfect, they are not wholly imperfect.

I've worked in Head Start in three states. It's the first program I'd cut. Could it replaced with something effective? Sure and I hope that would happen but it's a horribly ineffective system, at least where I've lived.
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I don't know about Head Start, but education cuts in my state have been wildly unpopular, especially in my family with my dad being a professor at a public college. I heard rumors that public colleges were raising tuition and asking profs to take less hours. My dad told me out of the blue one day that he wants to retire next year. He's going to be 62 and never talked about retirement before. I just don't think of 62 as being that old any more. Maybe it is all his choice, but he always goes on about how much he loves to work. I'm guessing it has something to do with the cuts. Since he is a loyal Republican, he'll never say. He's been there since 1991, and I just never thought they'd go after his job.

It is scary how some of these political decisions are starting to hit close to home. I'm not following the union battle at all, but that is still raging in Ohio and I'm guessing, WI. I thought it was over, but I guess they're trying to repeal now. That is said to be a major blow to (Republican) Kasich if it goes through. He's cutting industries like healthcare and local universities that are literally the only industries we have left! I don't know how the local colleges have done as well as they have, but they always have strong enrollment.

Polls show most people in Ohio regret bringing a Repiblican in. This is reflected nationally in battleground states with new Rep. govs. This all is definitely going to affect any Republican candidate in 2012. I can't say yet whether that will be a good thing or not (depends on who runs). I'm with you, Myradella - my trust of Reps has never been high, and I can't help but let state politics affect how I feel about national candidates.