Yes, don't we just love our mom's negativity? Sad but true. Okay so, are you doing this for you, or your mom? Aren't you tired of doing it for mom? Hate to tell you, it doesn't matter, I am in my late 40's and still hearing it, but it's about what I do coloring my hair that bothers my mom.

Okay, let's have a very big sigh now. You are very young and I am proud of you. I am a teacher, so I am proud of anyone learning anything that is healthier for their bodies and minds.

Here's the appealing to the healthy thing that all moms regardless of country or race will appreciate:
You are trying to stay away from chemicals and things that cause cancer, like lye can be carcinogenic. Wait, don't forget to look that up an have proof.
Frying your hair chemically and with heat damages, burns, and breaks.
Formaldehyde free is great, less cancer risk is great
Okay, if she doesn't believe you, find the data
What, are you using your education to better your health, isn't that what all moms want?

I know, just because you grew up doesn't mean you can take care of yourself.

You keep going, let your hair be. I am still reeling from stripping color and build-up treatment. Now I have to treat hair like a princess. But you have your youthful hair and health. Enjoy!
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