east coast waves--I love reading your posts. Your last line cracked me up because I am drinking coffee as I read it I feel I am on the verge of a simple routine for my hair--I hate the producty feel, I hate layering products, I will not put products in my hair that have a warning to stay away from heat and flame!? I love to cook and love a roaring fire in the fireplace---so forget that! My oldest son said one day he will look into his college account and see an i.o.u. in there (meaning all our money went into my hair products....ack! What a dreadful thought). There is a lot of stress with products and will this work, will that work....once you find a "routine" it is the next season and all bets are off--now all that time and money is down the drain because the seasons have changed--Good grief. So I am almost to hair nirvana (hair nirvana to me is having more good days than bad hair days) Here's to SIMPLE LIFE (cheers with my coffee cup)
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL