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Thanks for the information! I always love your posts, cause that it how I would like to be with my hair. I was just starting to think about perhaps I should try some gel to layer over my Boots for some extra hold, but then I realized... I don't want to start layering products! Right now, I only use Boots, and I want to keep it that way. It is really moisturizing and works sort of like a leave in with some hold! In the past couple months, my hair that seems unrully at times, has now started to soften into nice waves. I still struggle with the canopy, but it is looking nicer. I have realized, I'm not a true curly (even though I had ringlets when I was a baby) but am turning more and more into a true wavy (which I love!). I just started using Devacurl One Condition (thanks miacurl for the sample!), and am gonna be sticking with that for a while. I am also always on a search for a good shampoo and conditioner, and I have realized that a gentle shampoo is probably all I need, even though a reg. sulfate shampoo can't every once in a while. My hair doesn't like too many oils, so I gotta keep those to a minimum.

After those bad first couple weeks you talked about, what was the turning point for your hair to become the frizz-free, swingy (I love that wording! that's what I want!) hair that you have now? I am always inspired by your thoughts on hair and your healthy outlook on it. Thanks for your help!
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