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Originally Posted by Amneris
Care Free Curls products.
So, I go down to Sally's and was pretty disappointed in the one store I went into. Didn't have much product in there. Maybe a different store will be better. I only found snap back curl restorer. And I don't remember if I got the activator or restorer in the past.
So, I got the restorer. Only thing is... it has wheat protein. I believe my hair is sensitive to wheat. But when I used this product in the past, my hair didn't get dried out. So, I need to look for the ingredients in the activator and see if it has wheat protein as well. I'm going to give this stuff a try for a week and if my hair gets dried out, then I'll know for sure it's the protein.
I've had problems with other products drying my hair out that didn't have wheat protein. Like deva products. I got horribly dry hair!

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