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Originally Posted by Fluffy01 View Post
1.) Cut the GRAINS! Grains offer no nutritional value to your body. Your body is evolved over millions of years and grains didn't come into existence until about 1 year ago in the grand timeline of existence. They rob your body of precious nutrients and minerals. The fact that the government and highly prestigious schools recommend them is a sham because it's a multi-billion dollar industry...especially the corn farmers. (yes, corn is a grain so is rice)
I would LOVE to see these statements backed up by some actual data.

If by "nutritional value" you mean energy, then you are completely wrong. Grains have calories (aka energy, 4 cals per gram, the same as protein), therefore they have nutritional value. If you mean "nutritional value" in terms of vitamins/minerals, brown rice, for example, is a good source of B vitamins (thiamin and niacin), iron, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and magnesium. It also contains unsaturated fats shown to help lower cholesterol.
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