i have 4b/3c hair.

curlaway works. it did make my hair softer and shinier and easier to detangle when i left it in my hair for 1 hour. i never tried an overnight treatment.

my ACV treatment is to mix 1/4 cup raw organic ACV with 1/4 cup of water. then i add 1 1/3 tbsp of pure corn flour (also called corn starch). mix. heat for one minute to thicken it to a conditioner like consistency. i coated all of my hair with it. waited 10-20 mins then rinsed with cool water. put conditioner in my hair for 5 mins then rinsed with cool water, to keep hair soft. i like this because it makes my hair soft, shiny and detangled.

however i think curlaway works better than ACV. But the ACV treatment takes less time & is cheaper.

i alternate DC treatments with curlaway/ACV treatments. some people DC after an ACV treatment.

my 3c hair is more obvious now than it used to be before using these products.