I think Aquage is not CG. There is a cone way at the bottom of the list.
I also use AG Re:Coil. That is more pastey. The hold with that I'm saying is a little stronger, less crunchy, more clumpy.
I apply that with sopping wet hair for the best results to get it dispersed. The liquid effects goes in easy, dries on the crunchy side and scrunches out to a great natural looking curl that is in tact but not weighted or gunked up at all.

I've got some Kinky Curly too. There is nothing like it that I can describe. I tend to avoid it bc it takes so long to dry. I will add it to the gel at times. It gives your hair good shine.

Have to say that I am LOVING the Sally generic conditioner - GVP Conditioning Balm. AWESOME, pleasant smell, great slip, and the best part is that its CHEAP!
Hair: 3a mostly
mod CG Fall 2008

co/wash - Suave Naturals or VO5, Naked Naturals shampoo from CVS - can't find anymore, replacing with JCHCC

Condition: Aubrey Organics HR, Moisture Maniac, Love Jessicurl deep treatment and her stuff!

Leave in's: Aveda Be Curly, Jessicul RR and CC, quarter and nickel amounts, AG liquid effects, KCCC (forever to dry), leaving behind the Aquage defining gel

Want to try some of Sally's generics