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Originally Posted by Spider
Originally Posted by mazey
All of you that hover are the reason that public bathrooms are so nasty. 9 times out of 10 when I go into a public restroom, someone has peed on the seat and left it. That is disgusting. Be clean ladies, and wipe up your pee if you choose to hover.
LOL. I'll confess- I'm a sitter. I've never "caught" anything from a seat. If a seat is wet or dirty, I just keep checking stalls until I find a clean toilet. If there are none- I wait and go to a different building. Think about it- the handle and doorknobs we all touch on our way out are 10 times germier than a (clean looking) seat.
yeah, i think it's just the idea of sitting in someone else's waste is what makes people hover.

i agree with mazey. finding someone elses **** on a seat is disgusting. i think if you're going to hover, cover the seat with something and check the seat for dribbles before you leave.

another thing i absolutely HATE is when someone has come into the stall prior to me and they were obviously menstruating. that is the nastiest thing ever. absolutely gross. again, CHECK THE SEAT, and FLUSH the toilet, thanks.
also, please deposit your used tampons, maxi pads, and wrappers in the proper receptacle. they're not flushable so why even try? just wrap it up really well in some toilet paper and put it in the damn garbage on your way to the sink. please. for public health's sake if not your own. i beg you.

has anyone ever seen the montrosities in jr. high school bathrooms?? lord help us all. it's like some people never get past that stage...
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