I'd use a little of the poo, a lot of the rinse out, and then I'd use some of the rinse out as leave in conditioner and (if they offer a diffuser), diffuse dry. If only a cheap little hotel blow dryer, I'd blow dry it partway dry, pineaple my hair and let it finish drying.

If there's no blow-dryer, I'd just let it air dry and go upside down and shake it from time to time to keep it from being utterly flat.

I used to have natural hair in the late 70s and early 80s and all I used was cheap sulfate shampoos and rinse outs from the drugstore (we were poor, too poor for fancy stuff), and I let my hair air dry and shook it out upside down with my fingers. Hair used to look acceptable to nice. If I had to, I'd go back to that very method.
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