Not ready to stop running yet. Like curlypearl I've never looked good in grey. In fact i look terrible in pastels. I haven't seriously considered stopping coloring; in fact I'm sitting here right now with my heat wrap and my Robert Craig color working on my roots. I have a friend with gorgeous curly gray hair who totally pulls it off because it suits her coloring. I think it also has to do with how willing you are to handle other people's projections onto you once they see you with gray hair. I work with a number of women who have liberated themselves from hair color and the snarky comments are rampant. So it's also a political act too. I'll get there, just not yet!
Medium Texture/Normal Porosity
Summer routine - icequeen method and loving CJ Aloe Fix Lite, diluted with a few drops of water for frizz control and clumping.
Curl Junkie conditioners, Elucence moisture balancing conditioner, CJ Pattern Pusha, CJ Curl Queen, UFDCM,
Weekly PT (CJ Repair Me) & DT
CG since Aug. 08, still a lot to learn