PS. I'm a skincare PJ too, not just hair, and tried a lot of stuff, from natural lines as well as high end and low end etc, so if you would like I can pm you and let you know what else I found to work well.
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Please PM me!! I am a TOTAL skincare PJ and I would love to hear about the stuff you've tried!
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Just to chime in while we're on the topic of Avalon Organics non-hair care products:

I really like the Avalon Organics CoQ10 cream cleanser for my combination skin, used as an a.m. cleanser. I prefer it in the morning because although it does a decent job of removing makeup, it doesn't get all of it off. It would be nice as a p.m. cleanser as well for someone who doesn't wear much makeup.

The CoQ10 gel cleanser is great as a p.m. cleanser if you have oily skin. It's a little drying for my combination skin, so I tend to use it instead as an eye-makeup remover at night along with my regular cleanser (Paula's Choice). It removes all eye makeup without making my eyes burn or sting, and without irritating my skin or causing breakouts. I also use it as a p.m. facial cleanser during summer when my skin is more oily.
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