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Originally Posted by spring1onu View Post
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Ah! What a relief... I finally have all of my "big" shopping done for my trip. Good thing, too... Seeing as I leave on Sunday!

Now I just have to buy stupid little things, like body wash. And perhaps a pair of pajama pants...
I'm so excited for you and your trip! Will you be able to keep us updated on how things are going while you're away?
Thanks! I'm going to be keeping a blog, so I'll post it in my signature once it's set up! Otherwise, I'll probably pop in, here and there!

And Saria, I did the same thing! I also forgot to get a cart, so I was walking around with armfuls of hygiene products! I always bring way too much with me, but otherwise I worry about whether or not I'll have enough! I figure it's a pretty harmless habit to have...

Legends - I'm living in France for the summer, and I'd be happy to have some company!

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