I have very fine hair, but I have a ton of it. My stylist has pointed this out to me before, but I think the winter accentuates it. My hair just seems to fly up into the stratosphere. (I do better straightening in winter). Anyway, I tried some products for fine hair (Goldwell--remember I'm straightening), and realized that I have probably been over-moisturizing my hair when I wear it curly.

I can achieve really pretty ringlets on the bottom of my hair, but my scalp is always flat, mostly wavy, and a bit greasy (using Devacurl, Jessicurl, even Ouidad, etc.) And I breakout along the hairline, etc.. Unfortunately, it seems like I need that much weight to get the kind of curl definition I like.

Is this a situation where I'm not accepting my hair's limitations? Am I trying to create something that my hair just isn't meant to do? Does anyone else have this problem?