I've had a similar problem before and I'm pretty sure it's either A.) Build-up of products or B.) Some product is weighing down your hair.

Do you leave in conditioner after you wash your hair? If so, what kind is it and how much? It may be too thick for your hair.

Your styling product may also be what's weighing your hair down and stretching it out. Perhaps try finding a lighter product with better hold?

Also, another tip: After you get out of the shower and have applied your styling products, try plopping your hair for a half hour to an hour. this really helps motivate curl formation.

try doing a rinse with lemon or ACV (but use both sparingly!). they help clean your hair of build-up completely and I've found they somehow increase bounce and shine. too much though and they can dry it out.

I hope I helped a little! :P

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