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Like 2.50 -3 dollars depending on the product. I'm attached to her LI and gel and those are staples for me so I'm not going anywhere. LOL!! Her butters are really great for skin and hair as well. I just bought her new summer scent Tropical Splendor. Citrus bliss is my fav at the moment.
Oh ok! I can deal with that (thought u meant AV increase lol)...I'm not attached to the leave-in "yet" but it became a hit in my household quickly. I will order quite a few of her items when her sale starts I'm really eyeing those butters and gels.

vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
You cannot go wrong with the gel or butters. In the summertime that combo is the ONLY thing that keeps my hair from poofing up. I've used the Shealoe Moisturizing Cond and loved it.

Her price increase isn't enough to stop me from repurchasing. And at least she's upfront about it. Plus I love that gel too much to care lol.
That gel simply rules. Period.

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