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I have been CG for about 7 months and my hair is so much healthier I love it! I did not want my hair to be curlier just healthier but it has become curlier (mainly due to less heat damage and CG styling techniques though) CG is cheap and easy for me to follow and my hair has been growing faster than ever . Iv'e straitened my hair twice since becoming CG opposed to several times a wk. Now that I know how to style it without heat I don't really have the need to flat iron or blow dry it anymore .
ohmygod... YOUR HAIR! i love love love it. such full, bouncy curls... my hair is extremely fine, so it's never in thicker strands like yours. seriously, you must have people trying to touch your hair all the time! i know i would (this coming from someone who HATES when people touch her hair).

argh, so pretty.
first thought: your hair is flipPin' gorgeous @curlygirl89.! lol..

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