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Originally Posted by EllyEllyOxenFree View Post
Lashawn, you can still get product build up without using cones. That's happened to me before and that's when I know it's time to wash. The Shea Moisture Smoothie and KCCC used to cause white clumps when I conditioned the next day something awful!!!
Now, know I have been washing with CON don't you...don't you?? LOL

No, seriously...I didn't wash that morning, but I had washed the day before. Because I'm trying so much different stuff, I have been trying to keep 'clean' about 2x a week. Anyway, at that time I only had 1 'day' of product on my head...and it was PWG and a little Eco on top. That was just weird...hadn't happened like that before and didn't happen this morning when I cowashed with Darcy's. Oh well, I ain't giving up yet. It'll come back around in the rotation soon!
hi. i'm a product junkie! so many products, so little time...
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