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Originally Posted by chameleonrose View Post
I like it, i don't see why it couldnt work on your hair. i actually have something similar i bought a while back at my bss for a dollar. i never thought to wear it like that.

Originally Posted by EllyEllyOxenFree View Post
Do you think this will work on my hair?? I'm looking for cute accessories... > Studded Leather Bun Holder

I was wondering if maybe my hair is too thick for it to hold. That girl's hair is like 1/3 of mine lol.

@LeeLee I really think ponies should count! My hair is off my shoulders and it's actually less stress than a bun for me b/c I only need to place to scrunchie around my hair to hold it up, no looping or pulling.

@Saila What exactly will rollover bun days entail hmmmm?

@turtles Your bun looks cute! I still love your highlights.
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