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Originally Posted by Danae View Post
My hair is pretty much baby fine. It's really soft and I can get it to look okay when I wear it curly, but I'd like to option of straightening it every now and then... the problem is, whenever I straighten my hair, it gets so frizzy and puffy. My hair's healthy and everything, but it's so fine that it just won't stay down. I have a good straightener, I've tried a bunch of products... but nothing works.

Anyone else with fine hair have this problem? I am out of ideas. I'm tempted just to cut my hair short and get a full head of extensions at this point.
My hair is baby fine too. It gets a little frizzy and puffy shortly after straightening it, but worst of all, it LOOKS dried out and fried. If I got extensions they'd be too shiny against my hair's dry texture. I so badly want silky, shiny hair. And the problem with fine hair is, in my experience, you have to use a lightweight serum, not a heavy cream or pomade, when straightening it since it weighs down and gets greasy easily. On the flip-side, a lightweight serum, at least the ones I've tried, don't really help straighten my hair nor create shine. The 'product' that works best at creating shine for me, and I know this is awful, is olive oil.

I've noticed the ingredients in all straightening serums/heat protectants, are pretty much the same. It doesn't seem worth spending a lot on these products because whether you pay $4 or $40, many of them contain at least some kind of combo of the following ingredients:
-Cyclomethicone or Cyclopenthasiloxane
-Aloe Vera
-Castor Oil
-A protein such as Wheat Protein or silk protein.
-Vitamin E, B5, and/or A.
-some contain polyquats or PVP.

Originally Posted by Morgan_Adcock View Post
Does your flat iron have temperature control? I have baby fine hair, and have had decent luck using a Sedu Revolution at the lowest heat setting.

I've tried some different heat protectants, and so far the only one I've been really impressed with has been Aveda Brilliant __something__, but I'm not wild about the smell after ironing.

Curly Hair Solutions ReMane Straight seemed to protect my hair well, but I was able to wet it and have my curls return.
I've heard good things about Sedu and Solia straighteners, though I've never tried one myself. And is the Aveda product you're talking about called Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade? Or is it the Spray-On Shine or Emollient Finishing Gloss? If it's the pomade, the key ingredients are aloe and castor oil.

I'd love to see straight hair photos of everyone who's made a suggestion in this post.
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