I saw this lady on YT recently talk about how she put conditioner in her hair BEFORE she got in the shower to wash it.... I had read about this in the 2nd Curly Girl book and blew it off...cause I have high porosity hair..

Well I decided to try it.. wow..it really works well for detangling to put the conditioner in before you wet your hair.

I can't do the leaving conditioner in with the baggy and all that though.. my scalp will act a damn fool. It likes to breathe.
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+1 at bolded. I also saw someone on YT doing that. Ever since that time I generally saturate my hair with conditioner section by section before washing and de-tangle each section.( I have low porosity hair) Then I wash my hair, DC, rinse and use my leave in. The pre-conditioning works wonders for me and I hardly get tangles.
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I recently started doing to that to my hair too and it works beautifully. I mix some sort of oil with my conditioners and let it sit for a short while before detangling. My hair is naturally very porous so it drinks it up. I end up using more conditioner because I condition or DT after washing as well, but its worth it.
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I generally DC my hair BEFORE I wash. I put my DC on dry hair, leave it in as long as I want to, then finger detangle, rinse, cowash or shampoo, and then comb through my rinse-out conditioner. I do use loads of conditioner, but it works for me.

OP, I spend half my time in west africa and have to deal with the humidity shrinkage issues you mentioned, so I am going to try out this method and see how it works for me.
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