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Originally Posted by foreverturtles View Post
LOL. I get that all the time too. I just want to be like leave me alone! Even though I am mixed.

When I was at work this lady had long curly 3c hair, I didn't think anything of it. And she comes up to me and goes
"what are you mixed with?"
and I said ""
and then she says "and what else?"

and then I said: "white?" and she was like "oh that's it?"

I was like well damn sorry I'm not all that special for you I mean my mother is german and polish but she's still white well sorrrrry. And then she told me everything she was mixed with and I just stared at her and was like "okay" CAUSE I DON'T CARE! and when she realized I didn't care she says : "Oh well I just wanted to ask because I saw we have the same kind of hair"

In my head I was like "no we don't"
Continuing to cry. Once I was wading around in my old pool while tanning and this guy swims up to me like, "I just wanted to ask, are you both?" And I looked at him like, "Both??? Both what?" So he's like, "You and white..." And I go, "Oh you mean like a zebra? Nope!"

Like seriously where do people learn manners?
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