My hair loves a baking soda rinse once in a while It's awfully good at clarifying, possibly better than my mild shampoo. I actually don't condition afterwards (unless you count my leave in), I make sure to do a good rinse out condition beforehand and then dunk my ends in and dump over my head. It seems to do a good job of letting things go boing again.
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I tried the baso rinse yesterday. It clarified beautifully; I did a condition wash, baso rinse and then applied conditioner again, which I actually didn't rinse out so thoroughly this time. My hair did not going BOING. After plopping, there were some beautiful waves but they went bye-bye as they dried out naturally. Sigh. Me not know! I do have nice clarified hair, though.
fine, wavy hair with lazy waves. Sometimes lanky spiral curls underneath when the weath is very humid. My waves are capricious like me! Presently using Burt's Bees condish, FOTE AVG with honey or Mop Top gel.