Like Cnotorious, I also had a suspect transaction with JW2680. I want to stress that I did receive my item (so hopefully you will too, Cnotorious) but it took a long time, and after the first couple PMs, she never communicated any further.
She sent me one PM the day after I paid, saying she was experiencing bad weather and would send my item out as soon as she could. I waited almost 2 weeks, more than enough time, before PMing her and asking for an update, to which she never responded. I still have never received any sort of acknowledgement from her that she got my PMs.

The item finally showed up 3 weeks after I paid for it. I'm sure her excuse will be that she can't control the postal service, but I've shipped to Australia and had it take less time.

In light of Cnotorious' similarly negative experience, I'd have to caution anyone from swapping with this person.

I should mention that when the pomade I paid her for finally did arrive, she hadn't bothered to clean it up before shipping it and it was full of her hairs. Nasty.
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I NEVER look in this thread! Don't know why I decided to today. This person just posted Shea Moisture products on the board and I was about to buy them! I'm going to decline. Thanks!

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