I finally tried this out yesterday and so far I really like it! I am not doing the whole detox method they suggest, but instead used it like how naptural85 does in her video. My hair generally consists of clumpable coils for the most part, but much more fuzzy in the front, however you could really see the definition while the clay was on, even in the front, and the coils stayed defined even after I rinsed out. Also it literally melted the tangles out of my hair- I combed with it in, and it was a breeze. My hair definitely did not feel like I could skip conditioner afterwards, though. I didn't think it would, as my hair tends to be very dry normally, so I deep conditioned with some curl junkie deep fix and heat for an hour, and then did some large twists (about 12) with oyin hair dew and shine and define, and put some shea butter on my ends. Today my twistout was really soft and fluffy, and is still soft even though it is almost 10pm in London. It is normally extremely dry by this time. It also got my scalp really clean.

If it carries on working like this I probably will repurchase, but I will probably have it sent to a friend in the States and get it back to me some other way because that shipping was a killer. Its basically just bentonite clay with a few extracts, and a few people who have used this and compared it to making their own paste say there is no real difference, but I had never used bentonite clay, and find making my other ayurvedic pastes quite tedious, so it is nice to have this premixed.

Products in current rotation:

Terressentials Pure Earth Mud Wash; Elucence MBC (now really just for cowashing, leg shaving or emergencies); Curl Junkie: Repair Me, Deep Fix, Curl Rehab; AOHSR (retiring); Oyin Handmade: Honey Hemp, Hair Dew, J&B; Qhemet Biologics: BRBC (retiring- prefer Oyin HD), AOHC, OHHB; Jojoba Oil for scalp; Castor Oil or Shea butter to seal; Henna & Ayurvedic pastes when I can be bothered.

Still searching for the perfect stylers, but loving CJ CIAB over everything so far