TV too close to reality for some people - makes sense. I actually missed most of it (except for NYPD Blue commercials), but from what I've read about the episode, this is one of those cases where you've got a pretty good feeling the guy's guilty, but according to the standards of our society, he has to be found not guilty.

On a tangent - when I was in high school, I was part of a program where a select few of us got to see the inner workings of the county infrastructure - including the courts. The case we ended up watching was a drug possession case where you got a really good sense the guy was guilty, but the police and prosecution screwed it up to the point where everybody in the group agreed we had to say nothing had been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. If you have to watch too many of those cases, I don't want to think of the frustration you'd have to deal with.
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