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Originally Posted by montREALady View Post

Koils by Nature
Happy First Day of Summer!!!!!!!
Koils by Nature is having a Summer Sale Today 21% off your order of $15.00 or more!!!

Sale Starts @ Noon!
Use Coupon Code: KBNSummer21
♥ Free Shipping on ALL Orders $40 or more ♥See More
Bwahahahahahaha! I have been VERY eager to try the Shealoe moisturising leave-in, so was excited to see this post and the prospect of saving money. Erm, so KBN's cheapest shipping to the UK is $64? And then I will have to pay like $20 customs? No. No, I don't think so. Oh well!

Just out of interest though, what would they be sending my 1 item in?? A bloody suitcase?? I've ordered from the US many times, $64 for shipping is criminal! Byeeeee! Maybe when I win the lottery!
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