I do want a dark brown shade for my hair. I would not mind a little red if that happened.

Shebros: I have not tried Garnier HerbaShine? How did you ever figure out to mix two colors? I would be so scared that I would mess it up! Was it just trial and error? I have only been coloring my hair on my own for a little bit. I guess if I use one and its too dark would I switch and mix in the lower shade? I looked at the colors online and it is a little hard to tell. I think I will check it out though. I am glad to know your hair felt healthy on it. My hair always seem to go weird after I color.

If anyone else has a great semi-permanent color idea I would love to hear it!
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Udo: It was just like you said, trial and error. My first attemp was just med ash brown (way too dark). My second try was med nat brown (too much of a reddish cast). My third try was med ash brown and light nat brown (again, too much of a reddish cast). My fourth try was med ash brown (3/4) and light ash brown (1/4). Perfect match then they discontinued light ash brown. I always choose 2 and 3 shades lighter than my natural color and mix the two shades. The HS golden shades are suppose to cast a light golden shimmer to hair. The natural shades will cast a reddish tint. Not sure if that helps you or not.

And, hopefully my fellow curlies will chime in here.
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Hi: I've been mixing 2 colors also and have the hardest time getting 3/4 from one tube and 1/4 from another. How do you do it? This time I got too much of the darker color and now my hair is too dark. Is there a way of measuring how much you're taking out of the tube? Help, pls lol.
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