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I heard of it. I just didn't know it was a movement. Wow I'll check that out.

And yes I'm definitely an openminded republican!

Life's too short to be the worlds policeman, you know? I'm human obviously and make decisions others may deem immoral. Either way, it's all in the eye of the beholder

I'll be sure to check out your first article too. Was o'reilly a part of the moral majority b.s.? I'm interested in knowing about his demented past lol
I'm sure you can find that out on the Internet.. I'm not sure if B O'R was in the lobbying group, but he likes to pretend he's faultless.

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Is it true or did someone just accuse him of something? Not really one in the same these days.
He settled his sexual harrassment suit out of court.. i.e. he was guilty but didn't wanna do any jail time or have a trial.

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That's not to say that people of other political persuasions are immune to debased behavior, but you don't see them calling themselves the "moral majority" either.
They're not immune to it they're known for it. Anything goes you know.
I don't believe that. I do believe in tolerance for a lot of things that don't affect other peoples' lives or is none of their business (personal/individual freedom), but not just "anything".
Settling out of court along with being accused of something doesn't necessarily mean it's true. There are a lot of reasons a high profile person would settle out of court even for something they did not do. Trust me I've seen it.

I of course don't know if he did it or not, but a woman "just saying he did it" and the fact that he's high profile, famous and obviously has a lot of "haters" just isn't enough proof for me. I'm erring on the side that he probably didn't.
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