I tried the beer rinse this morning. There was half a can of pbr left from last night. Washed with Queen Helene mint julep, poured on a bit of beer after rinsing, rinsed out, put on my potion 9 as leave in, poured on the rest of the beer and left it in. I scrunched, combed through, rearranged, dried under the hardhat. My hair dried as if I had used gel. It had good hold, no frizz, and a little crunch. An excellent substitute for gel or setting lotion.

I might add that using beer on your hair is not cost effective unless it is left over beer. At $1 per can for pbr, even using half a can at a time, the cost is many times more than using a tablespoon of, say, ecostyler argan oil gel which comes in a huge tub that costs only $3 to $4 and lasts for months even if you use it daily.