1.) My pet-peeve is women that make it obvious that they are jealous of another womenís appearance and constantly put them down for no apparent reason. YES, she is better looking than you, and younger, and thinner.
So what! Is that all you equate to having some self-worth is your physical appearance only? How shallow is that. (FYI-she may look better than you, but keep in mind there is always someone better looking than her right around the corner. If that makes you feel better, lol). Besides, everyone has good and bad features, and good and bad qualities
about them.

2.) I hate when people ask for my advice or opinion but donít want to listen to what I have to say and/or donít even give me a chance to respond to their question-instead they drown on and on about their problems. They just like to hear the sound of their voice IMO.

3.) Another thing that annoys me is women that are so insecure and paranoid that they think every single woman out there is trying to get w/their man. Reality Check-Nobody wants your man but you, thatís why you have him because youíre the only one that wants him, lol. Maybe the problem is not the single woman, maybe itís you knowing full well that your man is a dog and is constantly checking out other women when he thinks you donít notice it. FYI- If he was a dog while you dated him and/or married him, heíll still be a dog after you guys get a divorce/dumped.

4.) I get irritated when people post threads in which they are fishing for compliments.
Unless Iím really impressed w/what I see, you will never get one from me, sorry!

5.) And last but not least is when people donít hold themselves accountable for their mistakes and decisions in life-instead they blame society and everyone else. For an example, that person that sued McDonaldís for making them ďfatĒ. HUH? You mean that the purple Grimace forced you to eat there at gunpoint? (I know this is a repeat in the above posts a few pages back butÖlol).
Basically what Iím saying is if you have issues (and we all do) and you want to change them for the better, YOU have to do something about it. Use common sense.
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
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