-salt on cucumbers
-frozen waffles
-pickles or relish on almost any kind of sandwich (not grilled cheese or pb&j)
-relish on tacos
-pea salad (mayo, peas and boiled egg)
-French fry potatoes with scrambled eggs
-salt in pickle juice then you put ice in and suck on the ice then put back in pickle juice and repeat
-doritos or sour cream and onion chips on turkey, ham, or tuna sandwiches
-fries or nuggets with ketchup and mayo or BBQ sauce and mayo
-ketchup with eggs
-barq's root beer float isn't really weird but it's sooo good
-hot sauce in my ramen noodles or in my gumbo or my red beans and rice
-buttered toast dipped in hot tea (not the fruity flavored tea just good old black tea like Earl Grey)

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3a, normal porosity, fine texture, normal elasticity
experimenting with:
co-wash: suave naturals
rinse-out: tresemme naturals moisturizing conditioner
other products: nothing yet

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